Sunday, January 21, 2007

H rules the world

H is lawful goodish. She likes there to be rules and she likes to follow them. She is desperately upset if she accidentally does something bad. Sometimes she is naughty on purpose and she is OK with that but the horror of breaking a rule she didn't know about really gets to her.

At the zoo, if K puts her finger in a cage H is outraged - "You're not allowed to do that!" If H puts her finger in a cage K is distraught, desperately worried that H will be bitten.

About 8:30 this morning I said to H & K - "Would you like to go to the beach today?" They were very enthusiastic. When we managed to leave the house at 11 I counted the harbour city's blessings.

At the playground by the beach I was reminded of H's penchant for rules. She kept saying things like: "you're supposed to climb on here like this", "he shouldn't go on the outside like that" and "am I allowed to stand on that?"

I tried to say "H, there are no rules for how to play here" but I wasn't convincing, I was too busy thinking of all the rules.

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