Sunday, September 24, 2006

10 lies about me

I enjoyed writing 10 lies about Wellington's weather so I thought I'd use that meme again.

  1. I got pregnant accidentally and I was horrified when I found out. Having children was the last thing I wanted to do with my life. I'd always expected to be an aunty but never a mum.

  2. My tall, thin, angular build has earned me the nickname "Grasshopper" from many different social groups all of whom think it is original. I've always been an athlete as you can tell just by looking at me.

  3. I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal saviour, and every word of the bible as the inspired word of God. Intelligent design fits the facts and the bible so I don't see what the fuss is about teaching it. I am trying to instill the fear of God into my children as that is the only way to make sure they grow up to be moral adults.

  4. Global warming doesn't bother me. I think it is all a storm in a tea cup. A new fear to replace nuclear armageddon now the cold war is over. Face it, nearly everywhere that matters would be nicer if it was a few degrees hotter and Africa will need millions of dollars in aid whatever happens.

  5. I find parenting easy. The time I spend with my children is the easiest part of the day. I'd give up working for money and become an at home mum if D would let me.

  6. I believe science has failed. If we stopped spending vast amounts of public money on scientific research, western medicine and technology and instead invested in spiritual communities where people lived more holistically and listened to nature we would be happier and healthier. Homeopathic remedies, herbs and crystals provide us with safe, natural, effective healing.

  7. I make a point of always being immaculately presented. I never leave the house without makeup, ironed clothes and a handbag that matches my shoes. I usually buy designer clothes and so I have been paying close attention to New Zealand Fashion Week and expect to buy several things I've seen.

  8. I don't read. I think reading is good for children but you grow out of it. I can't understand why anyone would spend their time doing something so boring when you can learn anything you need to by surfing the web and watching documentaries on TV.

  9. I'm the alter ego of a 16 year old boy called Marcus. An experiment in writing convincingly from another's point of view. I (Marcus) chose to impersonate a whimsical middle aged mother of twins because she is the character most different from me in the novel that I am planning to write.

  10. I don't care if no one reads this.


JK said...

I love your lies. I think we'll get along fabulously. :-) I owe you an email, but I am swamped with work (and it's still Sunday!). Have a good Monday.

susan said...

Well, I never read your blog for one.

There should be spelt differently in 8.

I think you should tag people with your memes. Or at least tag me and JK. They're cool. In fact I decree that you have tagged me with this one.

RUTH said...

There/their I've fixed the problem.

JK said...

They are cool, but I am SOOOO bad at the lies. .... Have you ever played 2 truths and a lie? I am so bad at that game! I'm not sure I could come up with 10. They certainly wouldn't be clever like Ruth's... Unless I copied hers :-). Most of her lies could be mine. Truly!

JK said...

oh oh!!! I thought of one!!!

I don't like the Internet. I find it to be annoying and not at all interesting.

Susan said...

Example of meme tagging.

RUTH said...

Yeah, the internet is so boring I can't imagine why people spend time on it when they should be working :-)

Meme tagging seems a bit too pushy for me but I will feel flattered if others are infected.

JK said...

I thought of another one...

I never stress about work.

JK said...

I still owe you an email and it will come ... probably after Wednesday. I am just stressed. (But you have 9 comments on this post! VERY COOL!) (We should go for 10 given that there are 10 lies.)

Christine said...

Given I never read this I shouldn't comment. I spend no time at all on the computer and strongly dislike the internet. Never anything interesting to read on it, much better to watch tele.