Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Three mumecdotes

On Sunday I tidied the coffee table before some visitors arrived. I cleared away books, toys and random objects that small people had been playing with. I failed to clear away an apple core. I'd like to think I was very focussed.

K's preferred method of finding a toilet: announcing in loud, clear, bell like tones "I'm starting to pee." It's effective.

Yesterday, everytime I got stuff out of my handbag, a small pink and white sock made a break for freedom. I had to rescue it from the floor of the lift, under my desk and I probably would have dropped it at the bus stop but I was wise to its rebellious ways by then.


JK said...

Heh... I remember when N was still wearing diapers... One time we were out and she started pooping...She was looking at this guy and he was looking at her. He was a young-ish business man, probably no kids.... perhaps not even married...

Anyway, their eyes met and she announced...."I'm pooping."

Heh. He looked a little shocked.

Susan said...

Once upon a time when I was house-sitting my parents' house with my sister I tidied up the lounge after I'd had friends over and went out. When I got home my sister gave me heaps about thinking I had tidied the lounge but leaving a chip packet sitting in the middle of the rug.

RUTH said...

Mea culpa.