Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Diggers are one of H & K's favourite things and they were absolutely delighted to visit W's J at work and ride on the digger he's been using. They got to ride on a dump truck too.

The title of this post comes from a story S told me when she was teaching three year olds. She asked a small boy, who was dividing the world into things for girls and things for boys, "What is something for girls and boys?" and he thought very hard and said "CONSTRUCTION!"

[K is closer to the camera in a turquoise jacket, H is in purple.]


susan said...

My version of the story is a bit different (but after all these years I don't claim it's necessarily truer).

Some girls were excluding Enrique by telling him that the dress ups (or dancing, or something like that) was just for girls and I pointed out that that wasn't the case and gave an example (like Shawn, another worker at the centre who was a very joining-in kind of a guy) and I said that while there are toilets that are for just boys or just girls, most things are for sharing, especially good things, and asked Enrique for an example of a really good thing that's for everybody and he thought for a minute and came up with

RUTH said...

I think it was a handbag which was "just for girls."

Of course handbags are for anyone with a transporting schema.