Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blonde thoughts

The other day I had my hair bleached white blonde. I have had a lot of positive feedback and I am very happy with the change but when the umpteenth person said, "So do blondes have more fun?" and I replied, "I'm not sure but they certainly get more inane remarks," I didn't mean it as a put down - just a statement of fact.

Now I use it as a put down.

[Orginally published with a request for advice from punctuation pendants, especially I. Updated after that great goddess of punctuation provided her advice.]


iona said...

I'd make it all one run-on paragraph, and put the comma inside the quotes. :-)

Also, that's an excellent put-down.

JK said...

Very funny. Have you gotten any blonde jokes yet?

I make a lot of blonde/blond jokes 'cause my husband, he is blond. He is very smart, but every so often he does something that is so blond it is funny. (Did you notice the lack of e on the blond for him... :-)

Oh... About the nanny (you posted on my blog)... I just can't deal with another change now. We've actually had 4 nannies thus far, plus a lot of baby sitter types. It also looks like Mary Poppins is staying and not going.

RUTH said...

I haven't had many blonde jokes but I have had enough :-)

I'm suitably impressed with your linguistic perspicacity (and I did have to check how to spell it).

In New Zealand English (and British English) blond is a special case of blonde. In American English blonde is a special case of blond. Strange but true.

JK said...

How topsy-turvy of us re: blonde versus blond and blond versus blonde.

I must say also that I am a big Orson Scott Card fan too. (Your profile says you are. I think I liked Children of the Mind best out of the Ender Series... The first Bean parallel novel was great. The second was even okay... I don't think I made it through the third. I think I liked Enchantment best out of his other books.... I don't know... I've read so many of his books.)