Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why can't IT be easy?

I was going to post something about how on earth are normal people supposed to use modern technology if I, with a computer science degree and 14 years experience working in Information Technology, find it takes over 3 hours to get my new wireless router set up (and I'm still not happy with the security).

Then I spent over half an hour trying to get any one of three identical nightlights working with either one of two brand new bulbs and I thought maybe I'll just post on the orneriness of technology.

Then I chased the neighbours cat outside and locked myself out.

Do doors count as technology?


JK said...


IT isn't easy because computer science is an oxymoron. That's one of my favorite sayings. (I work in technology with a lot of computer scientists. Hell, I'm married to one. I say this all the time to the computer scientists I work with (and live with). Some of the laugh. Some get annoyed. BUT IT'S TRUE. IT IS TRUE.)

RUTH said...

Yup. It is true. Of course science isn't easy either.

JK said...

Science isn't easy, but it is fun :-)

Computers are fun too.

This is also fun... have you seen it?

Karen said...

Locks are definitely technology... and hinges... theres a lot of technology in a nail... and glass and paint. Wood is not technology, but an archaeologist would find evidence of technology in the way the wood was prepared... yeah... I'd say doors are technology.

Science fun, you say? Some days science is about as much fun as smelling of rotten eggs and waiting an hour and a half for a blue line to move 8cm.