Friday, September 01, 2006

About penguins

And Tango Makes Three arrived last night from Amazon. It is a lovely, well written, positive, children's story about two male penguins who fall in love, are given an egg to hatch and do a a great job of being parents.

It nearly made me cry.

I am saving it up as a present for K. I have got Heather Has Two Mommies for H. I want the books my children read to reinforce that lots of different kinds of family are OK.


susan said...

They'd be good Xmas presents for other small folk in your life perhaps.

susan said...

'too' that is.

RUTH said...

On Saturday spontaneity overcame me and I gave H&K their books. They were delighted and have been very enthusiasitic about them.

It has led to some good conversations about different families including their dad having a stepmother and a stepfather.