Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remembering the dead

On Friday while H & K were eating dinner K asked me "Where did your watch come from?" and I replied that it used to be my Grandma's (her Great Grandma's) and after she died it became my watch.

K asked "Is she at the dead people place?" and I explained that she isn't at the dead people place we normally go to (the cemetary we walk past or through when we walk to my parents' house) but, yes, she is at a place for dead people.

Then H chimed in "Can I give her a flower and a leaf?"

I was really touched.

So on Saturday H picked daisies from our garden and K picked a pink azalea and a leaf from our cape gooseberry. We drove out to Eastbourne and put them in the memorial wall next to the niche with my Grandma's ashes.

H & K didn't know it but Saturday would have been Grandma's 93rd birthday.

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